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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

fish for friday?

Tablenosh number 3 is on Friday and my imagination is spinning as I try to envision what to serve...I think I will do fish.  I have not really cooked fish all that much and usually just make up the recipe, so this time I am trying to really educate myself with some ideas.  I really want to try some type of crusted fish (maybe herb or dukkah crusted) and am thinking I will serve it over an orzo salad.  I just came across a recipe for an oro, cherry tomato and baby spinach salad that sounds nice, so maybe that with some type of salsa or sauce on top? 

My friend Chelsea coming to help me in the kitchen this week ( my sous chef), which will be great because Pete will be at work and unavailable to help me with things.  Hopefully I will be a good teacher and pleasant to work with in the kitchen.  I am trying to dream up some scrumptious dessert ideas, maybe I will finally make an attempt at chocolate creme brulee or a chocolate souffle?  I do not really have a cuisine theme for the evening so it is nice an thinking foccacia and dips for starter, creamy parsnip & leek soup for entre and fish for main, followed by some yummy dessert.  There are just too many options out there. 

Really I just hope the guests will enjoy the food and the company,  I am still waiting for this 'in-home' concept to take off...the 'girls night' is filling up so that is encouraging!


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