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Monday, December 30, 2013

Tablenosh 'Underground' Baking...

In-home 'underground' baking that whets the appetite, sweetens the tongue 
and delights the soul.

Soooo this holiday season I had the fabulous idea of taking holiday baked goods orders to make a little extra $$ for Christmas.  Basically I created a 'baked goods' menu and emailed it out to all my friends and if they liked what they saw they placed an order.  My hubby was going to give me a full day in the kitchen to bake, while he took the kids for the day and I completed all the orders.

And let the baking begin...somehow things never quite go according to schedule or plan in my kitchen (or my life for that matter), on baking day I woke up with an unplanned cold, my 6 year old came down with an unplanned ear infection and the nurse called us to come and get him from school, then we had to organize an unplanned visit to the doctor and meanwhile I was trying to now continue to bake with all 3 kids at home...somehow I managed to get a few orders filled that day but the grand idea of finishing it all in one day was definitely an oversight (I filled the last order on Christmas Eve morning!).

I must say other than the sickness part of things I really did enjoy it and stumbled across a few fabulous new recipes, created some tricks of my own and got to jam out to my joyous Christmas songs along the way.  My favorite new discovery was making caramel pecan cinnamon buns...DELISH and not nearly as hard as I thought.  I was also reminded of how delicious caramelizing onions can make things taste...this is a must-do from now on with all tarts and quiches!

On the whole my new 'underground' bakery managed to crank out:
16 dozen cookies, 3 vanilla bean pound cakes, 2 pumpkin spice cakes, 3 pumpkin pies, 1 pumpkin cheesecake, 3 kale, caramelized onion and sausage quiches, and 1 batch of pecan-caramel cinnamon rolls.

And all of this baking is what gave me the idea of transitioning 'tablenosh underground dining' into 'tablenosh underground baking' and maybe I will occasionally still be able to pull off a dinner or two.  I probably still need to think this new concept through a little bit, but as for now I am now officially taking more if you need some home-made baked goods let me know and I will see what I can do!