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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Reviving my food passion...PLEASE!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh I cannot believe how long it has really been since I wrote a blog post and how times have changed with my precious little ones keeping me busy! Nonetheless, I am still passionate about food and cooking and eating.  But I have a lot less time to think about it and am often exhausted when it comes time to cook dinner.  However, with the garden beginning to grow and some recent health issues, I am rebooting my paleo, auto-immune, healing body with good food journey.

With that being said we are also still working diligently to get the doors open of our nonprofit organization (Patty's Hope), today I had the thought that I think it might be easier to run an 'underground' Paleo restaurant than running a nonprofit...whew it is HARD work, but we are determined and the NEED is so very real.  Wouldn't it be awesome if one day I was running a little cafe with a paleo menu and more and best of all able to employ and teach the moms with work with...this is a good dream.

So, I am slowly going back to paleo and eventually maybe auto-immune protocol (a much slower approach this time and hoping for longevity!) I am thinking it might be nice to blog a little along the way, especially the good recipes I discover as well as any health changes and healing.

Here goes to better eating and more healing...Again!