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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Frozen Raspberry Souffle and Company...

Another fine evening with good friends and new recipes! Our dear friends Na & Frag joined us for the tasting of recipe #9 (I think I am already behind!). Seeing as dessert was rather intricate...I had to sacrifice doing a new recipe for our main. But the company was excellent and I think dinner was just fine.

The Menu

Appetizer: Salmon & Cream Cheese Crostini (by Frag)

Main: Grilled Shrimp Skewers w/ sweet chilli & garlic
and grilled asparagus over parmesan, tomato and cous cous salad.
Dessert: Frozen Raspberry Souffle (from 'Glorious French Food' by James Peterson)
The process...I made a tart earlier in the day that required 6 egg yolks, therefore I was left with 6 eggwhites and did not want them to go to waste. This is basically how I came upon doing the raspberry souffle recipe, out of a newly borrowed french cookbook. There were a few steps involved in this recipe.
The raspberries, I used frozen raspberries and they had to simmer on the stove for about 20 minutes and then be strained through a sieve of some sort. Meanwhile beating eggwhites, making sugar syrup and whipping cream. Oh and the directions said to create an edging around all the ramekins with baking paper (fortunately I had a friend over and she did this for me). Getting the sugar syrup to the right consistency was interesting (I am not sure if this was achieved). I do know I managed to burn myself AGAIN with this stuff - same stuff I burned myself with last time :). Anyhow once you had all the components ready there was a lot of careful pouring and folding. Then you put the mixture into the ramekins and in the freezer. I made some chards of dark chocolate to stick on top to serve. They were pretty good...similar to my semi-freddo...I think I will have to try the warm chocolate souffle next!
So, now I am also thinking about this idea for my 'in-home' dining experience, offered to friends and friends of their friends...once I get the idea sorted out a little better I will explain it to you. For the time being I need a name?


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