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Saturday, May 8, 2010

new recipes continue

so i have not really written about the new recipes i have been making, but i did do several new recipes for tablenosh last weekend. the shrimp boil, baked cheesy grits, hushpuppies, pumpkin creme brulee and the derby pie tartlets were all recipes i have never made before.

i have joined a fruit and veg co-op so just went out to the markets this morning bright and early. it has been great and we are saving quite a bit of money as well as getting much better produce. it looks like i need to do some new asparagus, mushroom and eggplant recipes since those are all in the veggie box!

i love that it is cooling down outside and i can get out my slow-cooker again and do more hearty foods. and of course SOUP! i love making up soup recipes and of course learning some new recipes.

hopefully this week i can get 2 new recipes added to the list...i just need to find time to look at my cookbooks.

ps. if you want the recipe for any of the mention items from above let me know, i got most of them from a new website i discovered:


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