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Monday, August 16, 2010

my dream...come TRUE...a dishwasher!

yes, it is true we have been having dinner after dinner with one very small sink and little 'ol me to wash ALL the dishes afterwards!  of course it has all been VERY worth it.  i made the deal with my husband if i could do tablenosh i would not demand his help with any of the dishes afterwards.  thus, i usually spend most of sunday washing dishes and of course every time dreaming about the day we will own a DISHWASHER!  and friends my dream has indeed come true!
last week at work i got an email from another staff member titled 'free dishwasher,' oh my goodness could this be it or was it too good to be true!  because the tricky bit is that we don't own our place and we needed one that could hook up to the tap in the sink or bathtub.  well, go figure they had done the same thing and he also had all the extra parts to give us to hook it up!
the newest member of the kitchen arrived on saturday morning and my darling husband had it hooked up and ready to go for that night!!!!  it was a beautiful moment indeed...and no doubt a blessing to my kitchen.


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