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Monday, September 13, 2010

Experimenting feels like it has taken me days to get back with the program and in the kitchen!  Alas, I finally feel like I got up to some good experimentation yesterday and think I have a good idea as to what I will make for tablenosh this Friday.
I went to the markets on Saturday morning, which as usual I thoroughly enjoyed...I probably could have stayed for hours but my cart was so full I could barely see over the top of it and could barely push it!  Anyhow while I was there I went ahead and bought some swordfish (total bargain) and thought I would experiment with it for dinner.  We ended up having a few friends come over for dinner so I threw a few ideas together and came up with something that needs a bit of work but was pretty good.
Grilled swordfish over cous cous salad, with roasted red peppers, avacado and fresh pesto...I just need to find out if all my guests for Friday are okay with fish.  And in the meantime get inspired with some exciting dessert ideas...I am thinking it is time for another dessert trio.


Leslie said...

mmmmm...sounds good to me! Happy experimenting Leila! :)

Anonymous said...

I don't think it needed much work - it was pretty good! And enjoyed being a guinea pig again - anytime...:)


Leila Nelson Gunning said...

Thanks Andrew! I am sure there will be future experimenting for you guys to enjoy!

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