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Monday, May 23, 2011

Good Times in the USA

I just returned from a quick trip to the USA for a couple of weddings.  While I was there I had a few fabulous food experiences.

The first was the organic homemade donuts at my friend Jessica's wedding.  Who would have thought....but these donuts were amazing and all organic!!!! Yummy.  I am not even a donut person.

The scond was having the opportunity to spend an afternoon in the kitchen with my favorite cake maker - Rachel Willis who is amazing (she made my wedding cake and was doing the cake for my friend's wedding).  It was such a treat and I definitely learned some new techniques and can't wait to start working on my next cake project.  Here is the final outcome - it was a lemon chiffon cake w/triple cream, fresh raspberries and grand-marnier buttercream icing.

Another was the welcome bbq for wedding number two.  It was a Southern Style Barbecue buffet with everything from potato salad to collard greens and more, it was catered by a friend and it was delicious...well done Rachel!

The last was dinner at a beautiful little restaurant in Charlottesville, VA called 'Tavola' it was a swanky little Italian place that was absolutely delicious, my Dad had the scallops which were served over a beetroot risotto, mom had shrimp in a buttery garlic Gorgonzola cream sauce that was divine and my sister and I shared the sea bass and a vegetarian pasta dish.  I am definitely going to be experimenting with scallops and beetroot risotto here I come!

Overall a fabulous trip and now it is back to my own kitchen and tablenosh adventures.  I am not sure what is on the menu for June 4th but am going to start experimenting this week.  So we shall see!


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