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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Good Coffee in Richmond!

For those of you who are not aware of the coffee 'scene' happening in Australia, I wish you could experience it!  I learned so much about coffee while living there, which included a lot of tasting. It seems to me, what we Americans call 'coffee' is pretty much a different drink to what a Sydney-sider considers coffee.  For instance most Australians do not even own drip coffee machines and consider our drip coffee to be pretty disgusting (I just think of it as different!).  The Aussies usually use a french press in their homes or they have home espresso makers.  A good coffee for them is what we would call an espresso drink and sadly enough you can hardly find them any place other than starbucks in the US and believe me starbucks does NOT actually make a good latte.

But low and behold I have been on the mission of finding a good coffee since being back in the states and so far I have found 2 places!  The first one was called French Broad Chocolate located in Ashville, NC, they also had really good chocolate treats.
 And the second one we discovered today right here in Richmond, VA...hallelujah!  I was so pleased when I took a sip of my was rich, smooth and delightful.  The cafe is called Lamplighter Roasting Company, it was definitely a hip and happening spot.

One of my many dreams has been to open a little cafe of my own someday and serve good coffee (as well as good food).  But for now I am going to concentrate on finding some 'tablenosh' customers in Richmond and maybe in the meantime get a good espresso machine we can use at home (to hone my skills).

Discovering the food and coffee scene in Richmond is going to take some time, but I think we are off to a good start.  By the time we get some visitors from Sydney I should have a few good spots to take them.


Anonymous said...

So excited 4 u 2 find a great coffee spot nearby!! U & the coffee both look great :)Miss u guys heaps!! Praying 4 u both xox Jules (Elijah & Evie miss u guys 2, E keeps looking at maps to find where you have moved :))

Zoe McDonald said...

If you end up opening one feel free to hire a barista now :) love you xx

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