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Monday, January 9, 2012

2011 Finished

Well it's about darn time I posted something!  Let's just say the last few months I have been a little busy moving to the other side of the world!! We did safely arrive and are doing our best to settle into Richmond, Virginia.  I am not quite sure what the food scene is like here, but am certainly looking forward to finding out.

Upon our arrival, I have done a bit of cooking and probably more dining out, both of which I have enjoyed.  With a bit of help, I managed to pull off a casual Christmas dinner for our family.  My mom worked as my sous chef, she was excellent and it was also pretty fun to be in the kitchen with her.

The menu consisted of:
Roasted Turkey w/ gravy, Cornbread StuffingMacaroni & Cheese (my Aunt Isa made this), Cranberry Chutney (also made by my Aunt), Baby Spinach Salad (w/ roasted sweet potato's, beets, caramelized walnuts & goats cheese), Baby Peas and Warm Dinner Rolls.  And for dessert we had a ton of cookies and an apple/raspberry crumble w/vanilla ice cream.  It was a perfect little feast with the family and needless to say there was lots of leftover turkey.

Then there was New Year's Eve, which we spent with an old friend of mine who lives in Washington DC.  He had a few friends over for dinner to finish off 2011 and bring in the new year!  Little did I know what a feast we were in for (Josh is a fabulous cook).  I was in charge of appetizers which I kept pretty simple with some spinach & artichoke dip and a few canapes.

It was definitely a rich evening in terms of the eating and drinking.  Josh kicked the night off with some kind of snazzy cocktail, I cannot remember what it was called but I only had a sip, it was not a weak one!

After the appetizers came a slow-roasted pork belly which he served alongside some sauteed red cabbage, it was delicious (and I don't usually eat pork)   Then we had a lobster risotto (made with fresh lobsters) and a baby spinach salad w/strawberries & crumbled goats cheese.  By the time dessert was ready I think everyone was too full to eat another bite. 
This is before he was steamed
 It was an evening filled with some fabulous food as well as company!  He has the perfect house (an AMAZING kitchen) to do a tablenosh dinner so I am hoping tablenosh might just make it to DC in 2012...I just need to convince him to let me use his kitchen and round up a few guests!

So, what's next for tablenosh?  At this stage I am settling into our new home and thinking up all kinds of ideas that involve food... maybe some personal catering, cooking classes, wedding cakes, farmer's markets and of course I am hoping to get some dinners happening soon.  That's it for now, so here's to good eating in the USA and whatever 2012 is gonna bring...just hoping it's yummy!