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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Holiday baking...Holiday eating!!!!!

Oh it has once again been entirely toooooo long since I posted.  Tablenosh I am sorry!  I am still here and still longing to cook more and feed more and host more.

And somehow it is already November...truly truly where does the time go?  I always do enjoy this time of year and somehow find the energy and zeal to bake more, especially for friends and family and festivities. Tablenosh is going to be selling some fresh baked goods at a little RVA Holiday Event this coming Sunday and I am also going to take orders for Christmas.

I am definitely feeling more confident in my gluten-free baking skills and have actually found multiple recipes that I prefer over recipes with gluten.  I wish I could say I had time to pull off a real deal 'tablenosh' holiday feast but can't fathom it yet.  M & A really need to learn how to be my sous chefs!  They are in training :)

I had a few gals over last week and practiced with some GF spiced pumpkin cheesecakes, chocolate caramel brownies and classic vanilla bean creme brulee!

Okay that's it...gotta get dinner on the table!  But am blogging something again SOON...maybe some holiday recipes?!