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Thursday, January 28, 2010

#8 Lemon Souffle Cakes

I finally got to do a new breakfast recipe! We had Pete's parents stay overnight this week, so it was a good opportunity to make a fun breakfast. I picked another one of Bill's recipes...although as per usual had to make a slight modification, it's funny how hard I struggle to follow a recipe exactly...the only thing I changed was the type of fruit, so no big deal right? I can still count it as following a new recipe!

So, basically these were just really nice pancakes...the fresh lemon juice and lemon zest gave them a nice zing. They were not too hard to make and cooked up really nice. I think the trick must have been folding in the egg whites. I served them with a raspberries & nectarines (Bill suggests strawberries), but any type of fruit would be nice.
I also made a fresh 'mango sunrise breakfast drink' to go along. Basically a refreshing smoothie with mango, banana, orange juice and a drop of yogurt...very nice.

I would totally make these again, but probably needed to double the recipe if you are serving 4 or more!


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