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Sunday, January 24, 2010

What I (Leila) have made so far...

The journey began Monday, Jan. 12...

1. The first new recipe was by Bill and was roasted chicken with a yogurt garlic sauce. The chicken was really nice, I used chicken breast instead of a full chicken and it still worked pretty well. It was marinated with lemon and onions and then roasted on a high temperature. I served it with a tomato and baby spinach salad and the garlic yogurt sauce. The sauce worked really well with the lemons. A pretty simple recipe and pretty good. Na and Frag were our lucky dinner guests :)

2. For dessert I made baked peaches with caramel sauce. The tricky part was the caramel sauce...this is where I had my first accident (burned my thumb..ouch). You have to boil the sugar with the water for about 15min until it starts to turn a goldish color, then you let cool for a minute...if you leave it too long it will just harden and you will have to reheat, I found this out the hard way :). So you pour in the cream and then add some lemon juice. It was delicious sauce, I used it again the following night and we just poured it over icecream, yummy.

3. Tomato Ricotta Tart - this was okay, also a Bill's recipe. It probably needed to bake a little longer and it is definitely a lunch or brunch item, not enough for dinner (which is what I made it for).

4. Berry Tart - this was delicious, I was supposed to top it with mango, but I did not have any so I used berries instead. I think anything would have been good - the filling was basically homemade custard mixed with whipped cream (I could have eaten the whole bowl). The tart shell was also really good, I made it in the food processor, so easy.

5. Nectarine Tart - I made this for our Bible Study last Wednesday, it was a hit. I used the same pastry as the other recipe, but for this tart you had to bake it. I had to bake it longer than the recipe called for in order to get it to set. It was a perfect summer dessert, we served it warm with icecream.


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