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Sunday, April 25, 2010

just thinking

I am trying to create my menu for this coming Saturday. My first official Tablenosh. Southern foods...unfortunately I am running very low on grits and you cannot buy them in Australia. So am dreaming of fried chicken, cornbread and squash casserole...or maybe a seafood theme with some shrimp and crabcakes...dessert of course will be hard to choose, pumpkin brulee, keylime pie, oh there is so much yummy stuff! Maybe mini grits souffle's w/ shrimp for a starter? I guess I better start reading recipes.

I really just hope the night goes well. Getting this 'in-home' dining concept out to strangers has been rather difficult. I am not sure if people just feel wierd inviting their friends to come along or if nobody is interested. Hopefully after this weekend I can get a better feel and push it all along a little more.


Unknown said...

Hi there Leila!

Stumbled across here from a friend. Just letting you know coming along is on my to-do list sometime this year :) I'm a student and just waiting for the right time (i.e. when semester's over).

So there is interest out there!


Unknown said...

Elsie! Thanks for the encouragement...and letting me know...I think you just made my day :)

Emma said...

hey leila, did you get my email? I will be away this weekend and my friend that was interested is unable to come to this southern stlye night :( but i would love to come another time! i love the menu ideas! could you do a repeat of this theme? looking forward to dropping in one day and catching up with you both. from emma hunter

Anonymous said...

also did you ever visit 'thursday night dinners' at shoalhaven with tim and naomi case? tablenosh reminds me heaps of this much loved tradition. -emma

Anonymous said...

did you ever go to 'thursday night dinners' at shoalhaven campsites? they were hosted by tim and naomi case. table nosh reminds me heaps of this much loved tradition.

Anonymous said...

opps put it up twice :)

Leila Nelson Gunning said...

emma would love to have you...i did not see your email, sorry. it may have gone into junk mail? if southern style goes well, then sure will do it again!

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