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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

tablenosh caters??

I am doing the food for a small cocktail & canapes party this Saturday night. I am thankful the numbers are small because my energy is coming back very slowly! Hopefully by Saturday I will be ready to go.
As per usual I am going to try a few new recipes as well as some old favorites. One thing I have in my head to make are individual pumpkin pie brulee's. Pumpkin pie is not a very common dessert in Australia, in fact it is a rare find and if you have had it, it most likely because some American forced you to eat it...the good news is, most Australians end up liking it once they give it a try.
In Australia, pumpkin is much more commonly eaten as a savory food, roasted or used in soup. Which I have decided I quite like as well, now I enjoy the best of both worlds, pumpkin sweet and pumpkin savory.
Okay so anyway am thinking pumpkin pie brulee...basically similar to pumpkin pie with a hard sugar coating on top and served in a little pie shell. I can imagine it, we'll just wait and see if I can pull it off, I want to practice making it because I am thinking about serving it for dessert at the next tablenosh, southern style dinner.
So whether I will continue to cater for other parties, we'll see how this goes and whether anyone wants my help. I am just charging the cost of food and if they want to make a donation towards tablenosh then I suppose that is okay too :)


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