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Sunday, May 2, 2010

The First Tablenosh Dinner

The first official Tablenosh has happened...I did it! It was a lovely evening with a great bunch of people and I was pleased with the menu for the most part...but there is always room for improvement!
The Menu:
Aperitif ~ Scarlett O'hara Martini

Starters ~ Mississippi Hush Puppies Chorizo & Sweet Potato w/Garlic, Lemon Mayonaise

Main ~ Southern Shrimp Boil w/ Baked Cheesy
Okra Grits and Sauteed Squash
Dessert Trio ~ Pumpkin creme brulee, Petit derby pies and Bite-sized apple crumble
Tea & Coffee ~ assorted teas & coffee

What in the world are Grits, might the Aussies ask...they are a very traditional southern food and you cannot get them in Australia, they are made from the inside of the corn kernal also known as hominy.  You have to biol them and then usually add salt, butter, cream and whatever else you want to season them with.  I added cheese & okra. The shrimp boil was okay, probably not as good as I had hoped after all my hard work of chopping the heads off and de-veining them the night before!!!  It probably needed a little more seasoning or maybe some extra butter sauce would have been good.

The pumkin creme brulee was a certainly a new concept for most, it was smooth creamy and similar to a pumpkin custard.  The dessert trio was a fun concept and I will definitely do it again, it was nice having a variety and also looked pretty to serve (even though my picture is terrible!).
Pumpkin Creme Brulee
All in all, I was pleased with the food, the guests and the evening, so much that I did not even mind all the dishes I have had to do!


Ali said...

Sounds amazing! This is random, but Justin Moffatt was asking on facebook if anyone knows where you can buy grits in Sydney, and someone left this link:

Pete said...

Wow, looks amazing, everyone should go to this (but not at the same time ;-)

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