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Sunday, July 4, 2010

right on track

Woohoo I am at least up to 50 new recipes and it is half way through the year...thus I am on track and going strong!  So, what is the verdict in terms of the best?  I think these would be my top 10:

1.  Roasted Garlic and Parsnip Soup - this was seriously divine, I can't wait to make it again, very rich but so yummy. 
2.  Chocolate Mousse - I know nothing too hard, but so glad I have learned how to make it. 
3. Coriander Pesto and Green Curry Chicken, I grabbed this recipe out of a magazine and am a huge fan, I made it again the other day with just vegetables and used yellow curry paste instead of green with homemade pesto, it was still good.
4. Dukkah Crusted Salmon over cous cous with yogurt sauce, yes I would do this again and want to try maybe using a different fish or even trying it with chicken.
5.  Red Velvet time I make this I am going to try slicing the cakes in have and stuffing with cream, so it is more like a 6 layer cake, how good does that sound!
6. Risotto Croquettes...these tasty little appetizer were great.
7. Berry Semi - Freddo, not so great for winter but am totally looking forward to making this again in the summer and maybe trying some other flavors.
8. Hushpuppies, these aussie's just don't know what they are missing.  How good is cornbread?! And even better when it is fried (okay maybe not healthy, but tasty)!!
9. Spanish Meatballs, now the fact that I do not even normally eat pork and thought these were good must mean something.  Definitely one to store in the recipe book.
10. Chicken Sate Skewers, this is ALL about the sauce, probably one of the best marinades ever.  I will definitely be using this again.

So, fifty more recipes to go...there is SO much food in my fridge at the moment I should be cooking away this week, but we'll see how I go.  Pete is out of the country and I only have me to feed until Friday.  Lately it seems all I want to make is soup, so I am sure I will make some soup this week, in fact maybe I will make lots of soup and give it to everyone I know...or 'tablenosh soup night' hmmm maybe...


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