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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

stuffed like turkey's

What a feast...I am not really sure how I managed to pull it off but the Christmas in July dinner definitely happened and I don't think anyone went home hungry! I managed to figure out a way to extend the table and was able to seat ten guests. It was an eclectic group of people coming together for a Christmas dinner feast, my home was filled with the good smell of turkey roasting and the sound of plates, glasses, chatter and laughter.
The evening started with a choice of cocktail: cranberry gin & tonic or my 'holiday nog' (with my homemade egg nog). For a started I did a baked brie with fig wrapped in puff pastry. As for the dinner menu it was a BIG turkey with all the fixings: cornbread stuffing, mac n' cheese, greens beans, sweet potato souffle, cranberry-apple sauce, gravy and multi-grain rolls. There was plenty of food to go around! It was a family style dinner, as I put it all on the table for people to help themselves. Once everyone was totally stuffed, I cleared the plates and put out dessert...a Spiced Pumpkin Cheesecake with bourbon caramel sauce and a Cherry Apple Clafoutis.

After this one of the guests surpised us all by bringing out a bag of presents! Everyone got to choose really did feel like Christmas (thanks Annemarie).

Next came tea and coffee with a selection of truffles, the truffle were a bit of an experiment, they may have been better if everyone wasn't already stuffed like a turkey!

Liz and I with our headbands!
It was a great night, another big thanks to my kitchen side-kick who made cleaning up so much easier!! Thank you Liz! The next tablenosh will be August 14th...people are already booking in so if you want to come let me know ASAP.


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