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Sunday, October 17, 2010

filled up

I really cannot tell you how much pleasure it gives me to have my home filled up with people telling stories around the table!  It was another great evening, it truly amazes me that it all comes together, but it does.  The last guests left about 11:30pm and we probably could have chatted the night away.  I am pretty exhausted, but was all worth it!  Not sure how I will cope with the double next weekend, but only one way to find out.  I will post some food pics up soon and explain the tonight's menu.  All I can say is the lemon-blueberry cheesecake parfaits were definitely a hit!  And a big thanks to my fantastic side-kick Allie, could not have done it without her. 


Jane said...

I love your underground restaurant idea. Do you know of anyone who does it in Perth? I would really like to experience one of these evenings.

Leila Nelson Gunning said...

hmmm...not sure about Perth, am aware of one in Melbourne and a few others in Sydney. try google or check out the link I posted in my blog on underground restaurants. hope you find could always start one up!

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