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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Recipe # 80

The days are going by quickly and I will probably go into frantic cooking new recipes mode soon!  Last night I cooked Snapper for the first time in lemon, butter and a bit of garlic, following a Donna Hay Recipe.  I served the snapper over a 5 grain fritter w/tomato & avocado salsa and pan-fried garlic prawns.
(I also did a blackberry peach cobbler for dessert, I made up the recipe so have to count it as my own - which is an idea for next year...Leila's 100 original recipes!)

Anyhow, the snapper was beautiful, moist, flavorful and was nice with the salsa and combination of other flavors.  We have our Christmas Party coming up on Friday, so I think I will try to whip out some new canape recipes and a new chocolate recipe as well!  Stay tuned and let me know if you want the actual recipes and I will put them up!


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