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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Learning to Cater...

The last three weekends I have had some type of catering responsibility.  First the wedding cake, then a morning tea birthday party and last weekend a 70th birthday buffet lunch for 40 people.  I am learning a lot! 

Over-catering is easy to do and we live in a society that tends to do just this, which sadly means a waste of money time and food!  This is something I am working on.  I have realized it is easier to do when you have finger foods or canapes or you are plating the dinner yourself, otherwise it is hard to know how much people will eat.  Generally you can expect guests to eat 4-6 peices of food and also you can know exactly how much should fill a person up.  With buffet style things I am learning this is a lot harder...go figure there was a lot of salad left over!

As for me and catering, I have decided I would probably be better at making specific items for people such as a cheesecake or a cake.  I think I might have to stick with the 10 people dinner parties or smaller until I get a better functioning kitchen!

Although the next BIG tablenosh event is for 30 people...I am throwing a Tablenosh One Year celebration/birthday party on April 30th.  If you are interested in coming book yourself a spot now!


Ben McLaughlin said...

Your stuff is looking great- my mouth is watering!

It was wonderful to see you guys the other day:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much 4 ur help at the party!! You will b happy 2 know that little went 2 waste, the caramel slice is freezable, so that was all frozen ready 4 another occaision the leftover sandwiches also frozen & being used 4 D's school lunches, & we used other leftovers 4 church morning tea the next morning & spread amongst friends, salads r definately 1 of the hardest things 4 reusing though, other than having very large salads meals 4 a few days :)....... again thanks soooo much - ur a great cook & great sista in christ!! xox Jules Would love 2 come & help on the 30th but is E's 3rd bday party in the morning, so prob wont b of much help, but will talk 2 d & hopefully might b able 2 come if theres still room :) xox

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