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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

tablenosh for friends and neighbors

So, recently I must admit I have lost a bit of momentum for tablenosh (please feel free to encourage me!).  Maybe I overdid it and am all cooked out or maybe I need to leave more space in between dinners.  I am not really sure but am trying to re-think things to get myself motivated again!

One of my recent thoughts has been to focus on dinner parties with friends and if they want to bring a neighbor a guest then that's fine but if not, no worries.  This may have come from the fact that last weekend I had to cancel tablenosh due to a horrible migraine, but had so much food that the next night I just invited a bunch of friends over to enjoy it (and a few of them were very generous and chipped in on the cost).  It ended up being really fun to sit down and enjoy what I was preparing with friends (plus I love Mexican food and that was the theme!).
My scary fish w/lime, chilli and coriander!

In regards to costs I will ask friends to chip in 5-10$ for the evening (which will still include at least 3 courses, etc.).  This way I still get to do my cooking, some of the costs get covered and I can enjoy an evening with friends.  Seeing as this is probably our last year in Australia I thought I really want to make time for our current friendships.  However, this being said I will keep the doors open for strangers and other guests as well.  So, if you are stumbling across my site and think I really want to come to a 'tablenosh dinner' then just let me know and I will make you a friend too!

At the moment I am scheduled to do a Tablenosh Celebration evening on April 30th.  This will be a cocktails and canapes style party and is open to anyone.  I just need you to email and let me know you want to come


Thora and Dean said...

Dean and I were talking about his questioning ways today - I mentioned that you thought he was a hard sell! He said he thought this was a great idea, and he was just helping you nut it out :) I suppose if he didn't think it was a good idea, he wouldn't have entered discussion on it.
I also think it's a good idea - we want to see lots of you before you go (booo, sob...)
And....D and I were thinking we might get you to help 'cater' for a dinner to thanks people who help us with our house.
love love

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