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Monday, June 13, 2011

tablenosh donations - putting food on someone else's table

Many people have heard me say what an exciting journey tablenosh has been over this past year.  Growing my culinary skills and learning more about cooking, hospitality and food with every event has been truly delightful.  But, the gathering of people from different suburbs across Sydney and seeing what happens around a table of good food in a cozy atmosphere has been the highlight by far.

At the beginning of the journey there were several different the reasons I want to give the underground restaurant thing an attempt: one being to expand on my culinary skills and capabilities (learning), second was to give people from all different backgrounds, ages, vocations and interests a chance to join together around a table and enjoy a meal together and the third with the hope that tablenosh actually have the chance to put food on someone else's table with any extra proceeds from the dinners.  Tablenosh was not started to be something that I would necessarily make any profit from and since I rely on donations to cover the food costs and other expenses I was not sure if this third idea would ever come to fruition.
The exciting news is that people have been very generous!  I have slowly been adding up the small profits from each tablenosh event and have decided on two things to put that money towards.  One is the 'tablenosh pilot' project, which is a TV show based on underground dining that I am in the process of writing and working on.  The other is donating a percentage of the profit to feed those in the world who have no food.  

What a privilege it is to be in a country where food is so readily available and to have jobs that enable my husband and I to be well fed every day.  Sadly this is not the case for a large portion of the world we live in and my heart breaks for those who struggle to find food daily.  I recently heard about the major hunger problems in East Timor and was once again overwhelmed at how blessed I have been and continue to be.  For more information on East Timor check out this article .

An East Timorese mother poses with her children in Dili

So, although it is only a small amount, I have decided I want to tablenosh to be a table that not only feeds the people who come to dinner in my cozy inner west apartment, but on a larger scale is a table that helps to feed those who struggle to find food each day.  This month's tablenosh donation to the hungry is going to an organization based in Australia  I hope this might encourage those who attend tablenosh that their generosity will not just cover the food costs of their dinner, but more importantly will help to put food into the stomachs of the people in our world who are truly starving. 


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