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Sunday, June 5, 2011

'slightly italian' tablenosh dinner recap

Another 'noshing' night in my cozy little Sydney apartment!  I had 10 guests, only 4 of whom I had met before at least once, it was a great night mixed with interesting people as well as discussion.  Hot topics seemed to be film, television, social media and technology.

The menu was called 'slightly italian' and consisted of a few things I had been practicing and a few new recipes as well.  I was not perfectly pleased and a few of these still need a bit of work, but overall I think the guests were well fed and went home full!

Here are a few pictures of prep and the final product...
Nothing like homemade apple pie!

And it is always nice to be able to pick something out of my garden...even if the only thing growing at the moment is mint!! :) 

The aperitif was a pomegranate martini.

For starters I made a 'caprese' bruschetta (fresh mozzarella, basil & tomato on crusty sour dough)

And a mushroom, pecorino and crispy prosciutto bruschetta.

The entrée was a 'tricolore' salad - 
which included endive, radicchio, rocket & parmesan w/ a lemon garlic vinaigrette.

The main was a parmesan encrusted chicken stuffed w/ ricotta & sun-dried tomato pesto, 
creamy gorgonzola risoni & pan fried asparagus.

Dessert was a trio including, tiny tiramisu cakes, deep dish pink lady apple pies and lemon mascarpone custard.

It was a great night, as always worth the time and energy that goes into it.  Once we retired to the lounge room for tea and coffee (and some chocolate truffles) I had the chance to relax and chat with everyone.  We ended up having a good discussion about my pilot and I even got a few great ideas...I'm just hoping someone also might have a really good connection for me!  

Next tablenosh dinner is June 25th (all proceeds go towards the pilot!)


chocolatesuze said...

squee your apple pie is so cute!

Lou said...

Awesome pics of dinner, my friend Leslie said to check it out and it looks delicious.

Angela C. said...

LEILA! I just discovered your blog! I am in heaven!!!

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