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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Shifting gears...babies in the kitchen!!

I have truly not had a moment to write anything on this blog since October!  What a whirlwind the past few months has been for us...we got babies...we were blessed with our first child through adoption and we have also been blessed with a little foster baby boy (it is unknown how long we will have him)!!!!  Our precious son, Abram Joshua was born on November 3...this has been a miraculous answer to many years of prayer and we feel so blessed, but needless to I have been sleep deprived and fairly nuts especially through the holidays!  So, in terms of my kitchen activity I have gone from experimental creative cooking to making 'whatever is easy & simple' and spending much more time making food for babies :)
Our Growing Family
Cooking and noshing with babies has definitely been a slightly different ball game, but I have no doubt I will find my rhythm and figure it out...eventually :)  I have shifted my energy from grown up food to making homemade baby formula and veg/fruit purees for our 5 month old foster baby.  It has been good to know I am putting whole pure foods into these boys, especially since breastfeeding is not an option.  The idea for making my own baby formula came after hearing about a few recipes from other moms.  Through a few different sources I was steered towards an organic 'raw milk' homemade formula.  I make a double batch every other day and my little boys are loving it!  We had to buy a share of a cow in order to get the raw milk and most of the other ingredients I can find at the natural foods store or I order on Amazon.

For anyone who may be interested or feels like they need something to supplement their breast milk with you can find the recipe on this website: We currently have been blessed to get our raw milk from Avery's Branch Farms in Amelia, VA .
Roasted Butternut Squash & Roasted Apple
In the past few weeks I have also just started feeding our foster baby solids, so it has been fun roasting up veggies for him and pureeing them and then of course watching his facial expressions as he discovers new tastes!  I am roasting the vegetables because it makes the veggies so much more flavorful than boiling and I want him to be enjoying his food while he gets the nutrition he needs.  Today's new flavor was roasted butternut squash pureed with a roasted apple!  Yummy (I would totally eat this much myself).


K Robins said...

This is an award winning photo! I am assuming it is yours as I recognize the dish. I think it needs to go in the baby magazine! ASAP

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! on your babies!!! I am so happy for you both & hope your foster son stays at least 18 years, both boys so blessed to have you as parents. The Inner West misses you & your cooking. All the best with your yummy new restaurant.
Jenn & co

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