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Friday, April 30, 2010

more cooking

it's friday night and time to start the cooking and preperation. after reading alot of southern recipes, i think i have landed on a menu for tomorrow night...stay tuned.

as for now i need to start preparing the desserts. i think i am gonna crank up my music and try and get into the groove. i spent the day out and about with my dear friend thora and am feeling a little tired, hmmmm maybe will have to make myself a cup of tea.

at this stage i am convinced i want to do a dessert trio, so a little taste of a few things. so far pumpkin creme brulee is on the list, petit derby pies and i am still deciding on the third. it has to be small and maybe fruity? hopefully it will come to me while i am making the other two.

okay time to get to work. i will post the menu and pics tomorrow.


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