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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

slow going

It's true I have not exactly been plugging away at this is truly slow going and so is 'tablenosh'.  I did do a couple new recipes over the weekend.  One was a chicken tagine and the other was a lentil veggie soup.  Nothing too special but nonetheless I did use a recipe from Bill Granger.  The tagine I dropped off for a friend, but we did have some of the soup and it was lovely.  I think Pete's favorite part was garlic parmesan toast I made to go with it, at least he makes it easy for me!

Tablenosh 'girls night' is filling up...I am thinking I will make the cut-off about 14pp.  So far I am at about eight.  I am looking foward to the cooking class and hopefully learning some new skills.  I am not sure if the winter weather is doing much for my cooking and go figure the chickens have stopped laying!  And I need to pick the rest of my herbs before they all die, I think I am gonna attempt making coriander pesto and freezing it and some basil pesto too.  Yum, how good is pesto!

Okay just wanted to write a little something so I still feel like I am going somewhere.  Hopefully will have some new recipes up soon.


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