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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wedding Cake # 4

Somehow between babies, holidays, house guests and sleep deprivation I managed to step up to the task of making my fourth wedding cake.  This time around I actually took a few minutes to get some basic cake icing instruction - thanks to 'you-tube' (I should have done this a long time ago).

This cake was pretty simple in terms of the cake, filling and such - I just did my favorites.  Using the best chocolate cake recipe (I referenced this in another blog), brushed with raspberry preserves and framboise, stuffed with whipped cream and fresh raspberries, iced with vanilla meringue buttercream.

As I learned some new tricks for getting the icing a little smoother, I also learned a new trick for making my cream stiff enough to stay put underneath all the layers of cake, just add a little gelatin, worked like a charm.

The wedding was on December 29th, so it had a nice wintry festive look to it in decoration.  Personally I was very pleased with the taste and out of all the cakes I have done the icing was far smoother than any of the others!  Imagine what could happen if I actually went and took a of these days I will get there and until then I will just keep winging it and enjoying the creative outlet of cake...yum :)



I like this cake design. Its nice to know that the cake is so yummy and I like to taste it. :)

Jesse said...

Can anyone put me in touch with the creator of this blog? I'm a Casting Producer for a new Food Network TV Show and I'd love to speak with her ASAP!

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