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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Goodbye Grains (and a lot more) and HELLO AIP Paleo

Most of you who know me or have stumbled across other bits and pieces of my story probably know that my health like most people is not perfect.  And for the past seven years my husband and I have been dealing with mostly unexplained infertility.  In God's grace our family grew through adoption and we have two beautiful sons that are both miracles to us...however I must admit I am still on a journey to figure out my health and find healing.  I have a few other health issues that I won't delve into but am hoping the next foodie chapter for me is going to be a BIG healing one - and also full of new exciting food concepts and learning to eat red meat!

So, I am diving in to a full blown Auto Immune Paleo diet (to the best of my ability).  Based on a number of my symptoms there is a very good chance that I have some type of Auto Immune Disease - what this really means I am still not quite sure but I am trying to get excited about the prospect of healing my body through these dietary changes.  So here goes...goodbye to grains, dairy, eggs, gluten, sugar, nightshades, nuts and seeds and HELLO to lots of grass fed, organic hormone free meat, vegetables and fruit! 

The good news is there are already so many others blogging wonderful recipes of what I can cook and I am finding new ideas every day.  This is definitely going to take some discipline and prep but I am hopeful that healing is on the way.  And as I go I thought what better time to reinvigorate my blog with some new food experiences and ideas!  After last night's dinner (which I must say was absolutely delicious, I already posted about the lasagna) my husband and I even talked about the idea of me doing a few 'Paleo Tablenosh Dinners' this summer for RVA!

For more information on AIP (Auto Immune Protocol) I recommend checking out the blog as a good place to start - she is very detailed with lots of explanation.


Ellena said...

I've heard so many good things about people healing their autoimmune symptoms with that diet. As always, wish I was closer to be part of that journey with you! Love you xo

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