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Sunday, May 16, 2010

exhausted but pleased

oh the things i get myself into doing! i was very excited about the opportunity to cater for a friend's birthday party, well a party for her little girl. it was a fabulous opportunity to delve into catering for kids...and was fun to have a theme, which was Alice and Wonderland. the only problem was i never give myself enough time and have a problem with cramming way too much into my weekend, but hey i suppose it is all good learning.

so what did i learn? first of all when i commit to doing these things i should never book anything else! second when making meringues don't put too many in the oven together and expect them all to be okay! third making candied toffee apples is hard work...and i did not really get them right (but the children did eat them). fourth, children do not eat sandwiches, i definitely reckon i should have made fairy bread. fifth, to make a deeper red icing just add a bit of cocoa to the buttercream and some red food coloring - i am very excited about this discovery! sixth, my piping bag definitly looks better than me spreading it with a knife. and seventh i have the best husband ever, not only did he pop the popcorn that i forgot about but while i was away at the party he did all the dishes!!!! he is too good to me :)

all in all it was a good day, i even had some great chats with new people about tablenosh and possible catering opportunities, although after today i now know why caters charge so much! it is a lot of work - you definitely gotta love cooking.


ally said...

Thank you so much Leila for doing this!! All the beautiful food made the party have a very girlie magical feel!
Violet was very pleased!
Ally <'v'>

Melissa Vanderzee said...

You're amazing Leila! All of the pictures look wonderful.

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