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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

clafoutis aux cerises

Otherwise known as 'cherry clafoutis', this is another french recipe out of the giant french cookbook I am borrowing.

Clafoutis is sort of like a baked crepe. It was rather easy to make and apparently is also very nice with pears. You just whisk together eggs, sugar, butter, milk, flour and a dash of kirsch. I also added frozen blueberries and used canned black cherries instead of fresh (I thought they worked fine). You place all the fruit on the bottom of a tart dish or some type of baking dish and pour the batter over the top. Then bake it on 325/165 for about an hour.

I served it with vanilla icecream and we enjoyed it with our dear friends Carly and Andrew (along with some lovely white port). I think it was pretty good...kinda reminded me of a berry pancake, but of course I felt more sophisticated because afterall it was french... bon appetite!


Anonymous said...

As the husband and therefore recipient of these fine delicacies, I must say, there is some seriously tasty food being served up in our kitchen, mmmmmmm yummo. 80 to go darling, keep going, your amazing.

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