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Monday, March 1, 2010

my logo...maybe

okay, i need some feedback...well first i probably need to figure out how to get my friends to actually read this and tell me what they think...hmmm.


AKA - Ashley Ashberger said...

love the logo!! :) you are so adorable. love you! xoxoxoxo!!

JessSheff said...

love it! we really need to talk! lots to catch up on it seems! :) So glad you are finally doing this! How do you feel about wedding catering? ha ha!

Lisa said...

it looks great... simple and stylish :)

P said...

Hey, just had dinner with Jamil and your mom, and she mentioned your new venture. So awesome! I like the direction of the logo. I would love to play with it if you want me to. I think if you just increase the font and relate it to the fork that it will be more cohesive. Email me if you want help. Also, check out this site for great free fonts,

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