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Sunday, March 7, 2010

What next?

For the past two mornings I have woken up with a headache and had to spend a couple extra hours lying in, go figure found myself thinking about tablenosh.

One, about etiquette, the art of setting a table, using napkins, and wondering about all the dining etiquette I don't even know! There is no doubt I am obsessed with napkins (I think this a good thing), but I believe I am going to have to pull out my etiquette books and educate myself on the rest.
Two, thanks to my little sister I have signed up to take a cooking class! YAY! How fun, it is on Spanish cooking (tapas and paella here I come). So I am pretty sure I will have to so a Spanish style 'tablenosh' once I learn all the tricks. Stay tuned for that date!
Three, of course I have been thinking about 'tablenosh' when I will I have the next one, what will be the theme, how many people will come and so on! I am pretty sure the next 'tablenosh' will be more of a cocktail party with finger foods and hopefully have up to 22 guests. Half people I know and the other half people I don't know. Today I starting writing a potential I just need to work on the guest list or spreading the word. It will of course be invite only and a mandatory RSVP - I hope the culture can cope with this.

A few other ideas...'An Elegant Evening of American Southern Cuisine Tablenosh', 'Mexican Fiesta Tablenosh', 'Hearty Winter Tablenosh', 'Tablenosh Brunch for 8', 'Champagne and Chocolate Tablenosh for 22' and Birthday Parties...I could do birthday parties by request...what do you think?? If you have any good ideas let me know!


Nixter said...

Mexican Fiesta sounds yum. I am yet to find a good Mexican restaurant in Sydney - know of any?

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