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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Herbs and Chickens

So, maybe I have not been cooking new recipes but hey...I am busy raising chickens and growing herbs! Yes, we have two chickens in the 'inner west' of Sydney and they are indeed laying eggs! It is SO nice to get fresh eggs and even nicer not to have to buy them at the store. The black chicken is named Lucy and the brown chicken is Jacki (named by a dear little girl who is three years old, I thought she picked pretty good names).

And thanks to my wonderful mother I have a beautiful herb garden...basil, coriander(cilantro), parsley, chives, green onions, sage and even some baby spinach growing. It is fabulous using fresh herbs in cooking, I am definitely going to be making lots and lots of pesto! Now if I can just remember to water the plants and keep the bugs away I will be in business.


Haley Ballast said...

Leila!! I didn't know your blog moved - I am so glad to find it! CHICKENS! I am dying to have chickens in our backyard and determined to do it either this Spring or next. I so so so so so wish I could participate in tablenosh... I am amazed by you and so grateful to have you as a friend. Miss you heaps!

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