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Thursday, March 25, 2010

the 'tablenosh' concept

Tablenosh has grown out of a desire to challenge my culinary skills while offering friends and strangers an ‘in-home’ dining experience.

The basic idea is simply a group of people coming together around a table to eat good food. However, my vision is that ‘tablenosh’ will not only whet the appetite, but will truly delight the soul as one engages in community around the table.

In terms of finances at this stage there is no cost, however I hope people consider making a small donation to simply cover the cost of food. Donations will happen via the blog and remain anonymous.

I would LOVE to see ‘tablenosh’ spread word of mouth, blog, etc. and become a truly desired type of dining. Each month I will post the dates under ‘tablenosh’ happenings on the blog and whoever books in first gets the seat, so stay tuned.

I am inviting you to join me in this venture by sharing the concept with others and looking for my next 'tablenosh' guest!


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